EMMA Heat 7 Jakarta starts the series at the beginning of 2024

The 2023-2024 season kicked off with the Jakarta Heat 7 competition held at Tokyo Hub, PIK 2 on January 20-21 and notable change this season is the inclusion of the President Cup tournament, one of EMMA Indonesia’s most prestigious tournaments, which incorporates sound art and installations on the competition cars.

The President Cup is the rotating trophy of EMMA Indonesia held in memory of our esteemed colleague, Dr. Sugeng Adhi Taslim, who served as President of EMMA Indonesia in 2017-2018 and also chairman of EAC (Edan Audio Club), the largest car audio club in Indonesia at the time.


EMMA Heat 7 was attended by 83 participants, mostly popular workshops and elite teams in Indonesia, resulting in a tight competition.


The President Cup winner was Mr. Alex from Best Buddy Shop Sunter of Alpine-Anaksekolahandilawan Team, replacing the previous year’s Champion, Mr.Filipus from Venom Auto Garage with VFC team.

Tokyo Hub – PIK 2