• Ground Zero ULTRA 80mm Midrange
    Ground Zero completes the ULTRA speaker line with the 80mm midrange speaker ULTRA M-80. The most important frequency area to listen to voices and audiophile instruments lays between the midwoofer ... Read more »
  • Garmin introduces JL Audio Custom Fit car speakers
    Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) announced the JL Audioâ Custom Fit speakers, its latest mid-range speakers that offer compatibility across popular vehicle makes and models. Available in two sizes – 2.75-inches and ... Read more »
  • MOREL´s Mercedes integration
    Elevate your Mercedes driving experience with Morel’s state-of the-art Mercedes Integration Systems Morel, a leading brand name in highperformance home and car audio solutions, introduces the IR-MBZ4INT PointSource System and ... Read more »
  • Ground Zero Plutonium Series
    At the CarMediaWorld Salzburg Ground Zero presents the new PLUTONIUM Series High-End 10” Subwoofer GZPW 10SQX with the new ConeGlide technology. For SQ Subwoofers a ConeGlide surround supports the cone-movement ... Read more »
  • JL AUDIO C6 speaker series
    Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) today announced the JL Audioâ C6 speakers, its newest line of premium speakers designed for car audio systems. The series is available as a 2-way component system ... Read more »
  • Audison shows a bunch of new Products in Salzburg
    Tesla Model Y: Audio Revolution with the Audison Sound-Pack at Car Media World in Salzburg  An exciting novelty awaits car audio enthusiasts and Tesla Model Y owners at the upcoming ... Read more »
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