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Efficiency in every condition of use

GZ to introduce completely new Entry Speaker Line: The 2016 Iridium´s Besides the sound quality performance, the key target of the newly developed Iridium Line speakers have been it´s efficiency to apply to all kind conditions of use and installation. In it´s price category, those new “GZIC´s and GZIF´s” are definitely setting a benchmark for…

New power from MD.Lab!

The  MD.Lab company introduced a new line of acoustics PRO series called MD.Power. Currently, the lineup includes two midrange and two tweeters. Midrange SP-MR17N equipped with neodymium magnet, which allowed us to obtain a sensitivity of 101 dB. The second model, SP-MR17, characterized by lowinstallation depth, which is only 48 mm! The MD.Power tweeter designed for really loud sound systems. Model SP-HT2, with a sensitivity of 105 dB, able to take the power up to 300 watts! >> visit MD.Lab Homepage